Sensuality – Part 1

Life is exhausting at the best of times. You know what I am saying, right? As a mom, you are expected to be everywhere at once. You are a loving wife, a caring daughter and a successful career woman and it all burns more energy than one body can hold. At night you fall into bed barely conscious of your own needs.

Once you get entangled by the bustle of your life slowing down seems impossible. You begin feeling disengaged, not only from reality but from yourself. The only way to break free is to slow down. Stop for a moment and find yourself.

The course of my life changed forever the moment I allowed myself to slow down. I made a conscious decision to ban the rat race from consuming every fibre of my existence and set off on a journey of enjoyment, hedonism and pleasure. Destination: Sensuality!

My journey took me along a path of relaxation. I started practicing four rituals of pleasure as often as I could. These rituals became my sacred time with me, only a few moments but I had them to myself.

The four rituals of sensuality.

1. The ritual of the breast massage
Spend a few moments touching your breasts, feel the soft, warm skin under your finger tips. Become are of the goose bumps that spontaneously pop-up all over your skin. Allow your fingers to explore your nipples, pressing them in and drawing super tingly little circles around the areola. Allow the sensation to flow through your body. Feel it. Enjoy it.

2. The ritual of joyful alignment
Get nude! Strip down but allow yourself to purposefully remove each part of clothing sensually. Do it sexy, allow yourself to have fun doing it. Take it slow, make it purposeful. Connect with your joy and pleasure. Once fully disrobed, bask in your body and tune in to the pleasures of your body. For the next few days, make a commitment to love your body as it is. Revel in your feminine essence and reconnect with your flirtatiousness, playfulness and softness. Flirt with yourself. Thát is joyful alignment.

3. The ritual of dance
Whenever I practice the ritual of dance I am reminded of a carefree young lady twirling happily in the drizzle of the summer rains. Make some time to dance. Close your eyes and allow the music to lift your soul. A fun way to secretly prepare for this ritual is seeking out songs. Listen out for music in which you can lose yourself in for a few moments. The ritual of the dance can be practiced privately or in a safe public environment. Close your eyes and dance the night away – dance whenever you feel like it.

4. The ritual of self-pleasure
Get comfortable with self-pleasure and make time for it, together or alone.