Become a Club Member

If you are interested in becoming a member of the club please apply via  email to From there we shall send you an application form.

Take note of the following:

1:  Send us a clear face picture of both of you, without sunglasses. We need to see your face so that we know who we are dealing with.

2:   What area do you live in?

  1. Tel us a little about yourself!
  2. How did you get to know about Pharaohs?
  3. Names and contact number…cell number please. I will not answer if I do not get a contact number.
  4. You will be required sign the indemnity form every time you visit that you are both happy to be here.
  5. Pharaohs is very much a non-smoking club. We do have designated areas where you can enjoy your puff.
  6. Never smoke in the club!!!!!  Never get drunk!

Being a member on the website does not make you a member of the club.

We will get back to you as soon as we receive the picture. No picture no entry.  Note: When you send us this picture of you and your partner, that is who we will allow you with to get into the club. If you apply as a couple you will arrive as a couple.  This will be kept very confidential.

We would like you to sign up on the website as proof that you are really interested and also read all you want to know and see the quality of people that visit us.  If you decide to introduce your friends they will have to go through the same procedure. Joining fee R890 per year per couple – R690 per year per single person

The club is a totally safe environment to explore. We have strict rules and you will be under no pressure to do anything that you are not ready for. No means no at all times. If you just want to spend the evening watching it is also fine because many people come here to tantalize their sex drive.  Being in a sexual environment is a big turn on. I created a safe place for ladies, to be who they want to be for an evening or get in touch with their own sexuality. Coming to Pharaohs does not mean you have to have sex, you can come here simply to have a drink and socialise with open minded people. Never be pushy, or try and force your partner to do anything they are not ready for. You can experience the amazing world of sharing a fantasy if you understand the respect people have for each other.

Dress code:   SMART CASUAL or dress for the theme. We definitely do not allow sloppy clothing and bad language.

If you do not like our rules then this is not your club!

This is not a pick up joint for single men!

Pharaohs is a different “Niche” and caters for most fantasies. We cater for people that have respect for the lifestyle and themselves.

On a Friday evening we have couples and singles, where single men will be allowed on the condition that they know and respect the rules.

Saturdays are for Couples and single ladies.

We do not allow every single man that applies.

No illegal substances allowed in this club.

What happens at Pharaohs stays at Pharaohs – We abide by members’ demands

Reason for an armband and why you should wear one

Members will not waste their time chit – chatting if you do not want to get involved.

This gives us a better understand and no confusion. It gives a person an idea of what you want.

NO-BAND MEANS: This is an invite for a man to approach me.

My partner and I will not be offended when a man approaches me. We agreed and are happy with this rule.

GREEN: I do get involved, I am open to play and I want to meet people. This doesn’t mean that I am open to everybody.  I still have the right to choose. I will approach other green bands.

Yellow:  I am a soft player. I want to meet people who are not expecting more than we are comfortable with.

Pink: We are newbies and we do not want to be approached. We just want to chill and relax by ourselves.

White: I want to meet a woman and only play with women.


Click Here to Download our application form.