Relationship – Is your communication causing boredom in your relationship?

Then it is time to have a serious chat with your partner.

Infuse your relationship with a sexual treat, it can’t do any harm. While you are planning these naughty surprises, you will find that it becomes a bit of a turn-on for you.

You feel your partner does not understand your sexual frustrations.

It is time to do the shock treatment. A panty in the Golf bag,
Ask him to pour you a glass of wine but wrap your lacy panty over the bottle and leave a sexy note on the wine opener.

Sex and wine

Ask him to run you a bath and pour bubbles in. Make sure there is a note with a sexual hint on the tap.

You feel you can’t discuss your needs with your partner:

Send him that sexy message
Write a sexy note and put his name on it, drop your bra on the floor.  He will have to notice it as he walks in. Leave it at the door where he usually enters.
Make an appointment to see him at work like a business deal. A relationship is like running a business.

Office sex

You don’t get noticed in your relationship anymore:

It’s time to go lingerie shopping. The best medicine is to visit one of our parties and see how women get in touch with their own sexuality.
Invite him to bring you to a party. No pressure. You can be the sexy wall flower. You just want him to realise that you are giving him an opportunity to feel free and that you allow him to look around. Jealousy never works in these situations.
Share a extremely wild fantasy with him You will get his attention.
If you want to share your personal frustration.

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