Sex is magic- PfC has captured a piece of my heart


I have had this fantasy my whole life, to be a woman one day that can experience sex in a magical way.

I wanted to have sex everywhere, where it’s safe and sensual, and fun with no looking back and having to say ” I shouldn’t have done that”. I want to have sex with people I know and that will enjoy it with me. I want sex with more than on man.

I met Josh 7 years ago and he became a big part of my fantasy. He is the stabiliser in my wishes. He is part of my heart, soul and love. He turned my life into one amazing life experience any woman can wish for. Even though I can’t be with him 24/7 we share deep passionate love, caring for each other in every way .

Now we share PfC- he took me there to show me that I can be this naughty, sexy, sensual woman and I can live my fantasy safely.

After a long journey I found my niche fantasy at PfC. It’s a dream come true for me. I am still in awe about all of this. I have also made friends with the most awesome people that have had similar experiences.  These people have so much respect and self-love.
Every time I go to Pharaohs, I have more fun and sex than the previous nights there. I have had the most beautiful sex in my life at Lara’s amazing fantasy club. One night I had like almost 7 to 8 men in my room giving the sex that I always dreamt of and every moment was  awesome.

I experience sex way more magical than other women on this planet. My feelings towards sex have changed tremendously. I have connected with a part of me that I never realized I owned.

I had my first body shots on a bar at PfC and  that was the fabulous. I work my way around getting a shot on the bar every time because there is nothing more erotic than lying on the bar with men and women around you licking the “Strawberry Lips”

MIN_226568_EAAoff my breasts or my tummy or even down my thighs is heaven. It’s a feeling you can’t put into words, you have to experience it to know the feeling. Some people will kiss you while the other one will lick all the “juice” and most and best of all I will be having Josh or even a girl between my legs busy playing with me so hard between my lips that I scream and kick from the pleasure.

Having sex in a room making the bed sopping wet because I have a magical spot inside of me and that makes everyone tick. I was admired by every man because I could squirt easily.

And I have kissed a lot of girls there, wow, even played with their breasts. I enjoy it when someone is enjoying me for what I can give to them. I had sex at the bar one night while I was sucking my own man that never left my mind.

I was very shy in the beginning to get naughty in public and would only have sex in a closed room. But now, I don’t care. I will have sex at the bar, open room or sharing the room or on the heaven bed, I have the right to be a sexual human. I am an exhibitionist by nature. I can be myself at PfC.

I am allowed to be the loveable, giving, fun, sensual, passionate, crazy erotic person at PfC because Lara is in full control and takes care of everyone that walks through her doors. This is honestly the place where women feel at home and wanted.

No judgement and stupid ignorance.

I can’t go without Pharaohs in my future I need it in my life to show other people the passion and magic of sex. Because I can enjoy sex, and make it magical for me and others. And still be respected for being a lusty wild woman.

I met Lara and she is the most awesome person I have ever met with a passion in creating a safe space for us. Lara has also taught me a few things about myself. She is close to my heart. And thanks to her and PfC I had a dream that came true.

I also want to thank Josh who made it possible for me to share my experience and passion for sex with him. He enjoys everything with me. He allows me to have as much fun as I need. I never thought that I would have a man in my life that will allow me to be my sexual self and I love him for that.

Fantasy is only happen with good communication.…ood-comunication/

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