Cheating-I think my man is cheating on me.


My husband/partner is cheating on me

When last did you do something to spice up your relationship?

  • Do you have good communication, real communication? NOT, how was your day, but bedroom communication, about sexual fantasies.
  • Do you ever share any fantasies or ideas in the bedroom when you have your alone time?
  • Do you even make alone time? Just the two of you.
  • Have you ever sat back and thought why he is doing this.   Maybe he is bored?

Simple tips:

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  • Take the lead and create something that you have never done before, drop your clothing after you have made him a meal, serve his meal naked.
  • Tell him how your day at work was, but with your top off, already planning to take him to the shower.
  • Shock him. Tease him. This shock is good for a person. It rejuvenates feeling you thought you lost.
  • Do the things you think his girlfriend is doing, be his affair, be the slut he fantasizes about.
  • Offer him a Liqueur, if he does not drink offer him a hot chocolate, take it to the bath and get in with him. There is no harm in talking dirty to the one that is supposed to your best friend.
  • Take him out for supper, discreetly slide off your panties and stick it in his pocket at the table. Don’t forget how to flirt and do not allow your man to become an ATM.

Men are simple creatures, all they want is a bit of excitement every day. I mean Every day. While you create excitement this is a big turn on for you –Already. It is fun to be sexy. No matter the age. Sexy can be any age, it is in the mind.

  • Wake him up with sex in the morning or offer to give him a sensual massage. Be creative in bed.
  • Create a space where your man looks forward to going home after work.
  • Send him a naughty message or a sexy selfie while he is in that board meeting at 2pm
  • Tell him a sexy story…how you dreamt you had sex with another person. Forget about the do’s and don’ts in bed or at least while being intimate.

Good communication is being open with your partner.
As much as you don’t want to get bored
How well do we know the person we live with?

Have you ever thought of dressing up and taking your man to a naughty club like Pharaohs where there is no pressure and it is a safe space for you to be naughty?
It is not bad to shock a man at times. By what you say to him or what you show him. Men, as we all know, are visual creatures.

I have heard thousands of women saying “BUT I LOVE HIM” after they find out that he is cheating and damage is done. What is love then? Love is something you nurture and take really good care of. Love is something everyone wants but we don’t know how to look after it.

So many rules, So many things we are not allowed to do or say, so little guidance and knowledge about this subject. Wanting to own the person. Ownership, like you own your car or your fridge. Everyone is so in need of love that we forget about the experience. How do we love? When you look in the mirror and love that person you see without wanting more. That is when you can love.

You don’t own your partner. He does not own you. It is a choice you make to share time with this person. We all believe we can live with this person forever. Forever needs lots of time and a crazy amount of excitement. More effort and excitement than you can imagine at the time, specially the time when you say YES after that question. Will you be my girlfriend, Will you get engaged to me, will you marry me, will you be mine forever? Will you forgive me when I cheat?

Wow, forever is not possible.

But caring is possible.

Forever lasts till you get bored or lose respect. Cheating is having no respect.

Just being wise is worth a fortune.

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