Cheater wives- I think my wife is cheating

  • Why do you think so?
  • Do you ever share your fantasies with your wife or do you believe she should not know your fantasies?
  • Do you feel that you can only share it with your friends?


When last did I sit down and listened to her?
• Hear her!
• Most affairs start because we feel neglected and not admired. Our partners do not take us seriously.









When last did I spoil her intimately?

• Get out of the habit – just trying to jump her bones because you need it.
• Making love to her! Be a bit kinky. Make it all about her.
• Read sexy books together, watch porn.
• Compliment her about the food she cooked.
• Be a little more understanding when you talk about your sexual preferences and don’t look to shocked when she opens about her fantasies.
• Lure her into a place where you can give her a massage…start with the shoulders, legs and feet, take time, tease her, rediscover her body. Use massage oils and soft music and candles, do whatever it takes.

• It’s all about the foreplay, slow it down, tell her she’s beautiful and that you love her.











When last did I take her out for a romantic, something, just hold her in your arms, look in her eyes and say something meaningful and sexy?








  • You should know what your partner loves the most. Try and make an effort most of the time.

•  You will be surprised, how this can be rejuvenating in a relationship. Little surprizes are much more powerful than a fancy  car. A text, sexy message gives her the feeling that you are thinking about her.



When last did you chat about the past and just giggle about the naughty stuff you did? It is amazing how that can be a turn-on.

• Ask her what her fantasy is. Tell her about yours. Woman are very easy creatures if handled well.
• Ask her what she found most attractive about you when you first met. You will begin to enjoy this.

Are you one of those men that thinks his woman does not like sex?
• Ok, Maybe just not with you.
• Never believe that a woman doesn’t like or want sex, they love it. Specially if it is good sex.
• Who does not like something if it is done well? If she wants it, she will find it elsewhere. There is always another person that will want to give it to her. We are all sexual beings.

Take the time to get to know your partner’s needs. Talk about it, communication is the key to any successful partnership. If you are in business with someone, you want to know as much as you can about that person. Respect and honesty in your business creates, success. Respect and honesty in your relationship with your partner at home, creates success.

Look after yourself, dress exquisitely, shave, keep in shape, watch your hygiene-this is an important one, don’t forget about your breath. Be that sexy hunk again it is never too late.

People cheat because they get bored, if you work proactively to avoid boredom in your relationship you will greatly reduce the chances of one of you cheating.
Going to a lifestyle club is a good experience. Make sure it is a safe place to take your inexperienced partner to. You do not have to interact, specially at Lara’s Soirée parties. Lara caters for the experienced swingers and people that just want to watch and inject their relationship with a sexual boost. Specially newbies. Cheating hurts and causes dis-function and bitterness.

Be open with your own partner but discreet with others.

I can give you many ways to catch her, but I would rather you try and win her back.

Just my opinion