Excitement – Our experience in the last two years at PfC


Dear Lara 

Creating sexual excitement is what this place is all about. To those who haven’t been through the things we have experienced in the last 2 years visiting your establishment, it would be difficult to understand exactly how meaningful a presence you have had on us and how meaningful the place is. Sexual excitement is what we found.

They may think that this is just the end of a venue where people can satisfy their most frivolous desires and connect with their sexuality. They would be very wrong in this assumption. A and I visited you for the first time 2 years ago. We have been happily married for 16 years and together for a total of 22 years. During that time, we have been faithful to each other and never wandered sexually. Our drive to visit you for the first time lay in a vague sense that there was more adventure to life than we were having (not just sexual but in every respect).

The first drive down a bumpy dirt road was filled with being scared and excitement at the same time, with no knowledge what to expect in Johannesburg, where people tend to be suspicious, I wondered whether we were living recklessly.

Of course, those fears dissipated very quickly and what was left was mostly excitement, you were warm, nurturing, flamboyant and put us immediately at ease. On our first night, we did not engage with any other couples but did have a very sexual private shag in one of your rooms. The relaxed and open atmosphere really helped release my inhibitions. A often comments that I am much more relaxed, gregarious/open when we are with you.


The sense of sexiness and excitement that we experienced that night stayed with us for days afterwards and we both had little flashes of the things we saw during our regular day to day lives. But that excitement fades, however, and something more fundamental begins to take place. We began to have a much deeper sense of honesty and openness with each other, this process of letting our internal guards down meant that we became more in tune with each other’s needs and sentiments. This wasn’t just a sexual broadening of horizons it was also an opening of our hearts and minds.

Could this have happened anywhere? I’m not sure… about a year after visiting you, we were invited to another club by some of our new friends. It was alarmingly different, lacked your warmth and truly seemed much more about sex than anything else. Had that been our first experience, we may very well not have continued down the road we did.


So, the end of this era, isn’t just the closing of a club, it’s the closing of a nurturing place that has brought a deeper sense of being to us and many like-minded people.

It interesting, when we started coming to you, we used to talk about going to PfC, but as  years passed, we just naturally talked about visiting Lara’s. Lara the lady with the warm heart and a big smile. You have done so much for us, we thank you, will miss you, and most importantly, hope that your onward journey in life brings continued personal growth, adventure and happiness.

S and A

I thank you for this letter.


Relax, take a moment to admire yourself.  From the minute you plan your outfit, to spraying your perfume ready to leave home, you will then realise the impact this evening will have on you and will never be forgotten.

I would like every person to enjoy this experience even if it will only be once. It is wonderful to connect with that part of you that was hiding away from yourself because you don’t want to be judged society.

I have had many beautiful letters from couples telling me the positive difference it made in their relationship. I also had letters to share their bad experiences by going to clubs too often. I can honestly say that I do warn my members not to allow it to become just a regular thing to do.

Once per month is ok if that’s enough for you. This experience should b like playing paintball- it’s fun when it happens but don’t make it an addiction. 

You must feel excited and look forward to a fantasy experience. Planning and looking forward, is the larger part of the for-play.

If there are no butterflies? ***. stay away and re-think it. Familiarity breeds contempt.

You are in a wonderful relationship keep it exciting and maintain the respect.

Marraige- 21 years of marriage we sat down one holiday and shared