Sex with a cougar


Letter from a Dj,

You might think it’s every youngster’s dream… to be working in a fantasy club…exposed to real sex…so much to see. While I did learn a lot as I watched on from the safety of the DJ box, I was terrified to get involved or even talk to the members…afraid they could sense my lack of experience and that I stood out.

Nevertheless, they loved me, and I soon made friends. I became particularly close with Rob and Charlie, a powerful, charming couple working in the legal world. Charlie liked sex with younger men and Rob allowed her this fantasy, for a long time the tease was there, and I wondered what it might be like.

Finally, one night, sitting in the smokers’ lounge having a chat, she took my hand and led me over the bridge. While it definitely wasn’t my first time, it was easily the best sex I’ve had and led to a string of similar experiences at the club with other members. I think it’s good to explore all the world has to offer while you are young.

Wild sex aside, the lifestyle really does give you the opportunity to meet the most amazing people at the top of their game across a range of professional industries. It has given me the privilege to network and even job shadow a handful of powerful corporates. This has been made possible thanks to Lara creating a mingling circle for high class, intelligent members.

It has also exposed me to a different kind of trust and integrity in relationships that I think most people outside of the lifestyle lack, despite all the fake commitments they claim to make to one another. It shows real selflessness and trust in the strength of your relationship, to be able to set your ego aside, to let your partner live out their fantasies in front of you without feeling it means they don’t love you.
From M