Foreplay tips- Have her quivering before you even take your jocks off

Foreplay sensuality

Not only is foreplay wonderful for your lady, but if you do it right it’s going to take the pressure off you in terms of how long you must last once you start having sex, so pay attention…

  • Start subtly – the key to good foreplay is to play a psychological game and make it as much of a tease as possible. Not too slow that she gets bored, but not too fast that she doesn’t get time to warm up properly. It should also be as spontaneous as possible, this makes it feel naughty and exciting.



For example: cuddles while you’re binge watching House of Cards on Netflix.

    • Take just your index finger and start tracing over her thighs, up her tummy, back down her ribs, then when you get to her hips give them a good grab or intense scratch.
    • Slow it down again and run your fingers over her thighs again, this time on the way up, just gently cup her pussy in your hand, over her pants and give it a gentle press and circular rub.
    • Now tickle the sides of her tummy above her hips again and then move up to her breasts.
    • Very gently cup them over her shirt as if you are a horny teenager having his first sleepover at a girlfriend.











You have two hands and a mouth, so it’s time you learn to multi task.

Take one hand and slip it into her cleavage, slip a finger underneath the bra and rub her nipples in a gentle circular motion, if she’s laying on your chest this is a great position from which to kiss her neck from behind. You can also gently play with her hair and give her an upside-down Spiderman kiss from behind. The key is to alternate between slow and sensual and more intense. Take your other hand and slide it into her pants to feel if she’s getting wet but remember- lick before you stick. Letting her lick your fingers is a huge turn on. You can also start to rub her clit in a circular motion.

Once you feel her pussy getting wet, switch positions so that she is laying down on her back and you are sitting on top of her hips, or with your knees bent on the couch, in between her legs.










Now is the time to undress her slowly, marvel at how beautiful she looks naked and explore every inch of her body

  • Kiss her
  • Lick/ bite her neck, there is a sweet spot just below the jawline at the back where it folds and meets the neck.
  • Gently suck/ bite her earlobes
  • Play with her hair
  • Kiss from her neck, down her chest and tummy, till you are just teasing above her pussy
  • Nipples are to be licked and sucked, not bitten












Once you do slide off her panties and start to focus on her pussy:

  • Rub the clit in gentle circular motions, your thumb works best for this action, trace the labia with your fingers, spread the lips and lick the pink inside bits.
  • Once she’s wet, retreat and move up to her face, kiss her lips and rub her clit, tease, then slowly slip in one finger as you bite her neck.
  • Move the finger around in clockwise vs anti clockwise motions, exploring the pussy walls, then build up intensity into more of a thrusting motion,  slow down  again, then take them out and rub the clit, then re-enter with two fingers.
  • Repeat this cycle a few times, interspersed with kisses on the inner thighs, neck, ears, mouth and nipples. You want to drive her wild with a slow build up to sensory overload and bliss.
  • When she’s really wet and getting into it slip in two fingers, face them downwards and slightly to either the diagonal left or right ( pay attention to her breathing, facial expression and the way she arches her hips and you should easily be able to figure out which side is more sensitive) and move them side to side using an intense fast flick of the wrist as well as a thrusting in and out motion.

In my experience almost, every girl I have been with has either squirted from this or moaned until she just couldn’t handle the intensity anymore, forced her hand down on mine and begged me to stop, then kissed me intensely followed by passionate sex or mind blowing oral to say thank you for taking her to heaven and back.

At this point you pick her up like Tarzan and carry her to the bedroom, assuming she hasn’t already climbed on top and started riding you like a racehorse right there in the lounge…..

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