Our Rules

Please don’t ever feel intimidated that your private life or career will be exposed or at risk by you visiting us. This is of utmost importance to us and we understand your concern entirely. Almost all of our clientele are highly qualified, intelligent, classy executives who have no intention of exposing each other or doing anything reckless or malicious.
Indemnity forms will be signed by all entering the venue on an evening. These indemnity forms not only protect Pharaohs, but also you as a client.
We do not allow cameras or cellphones in the club for the sake of protecting privacy – what happens at Pharaohs stays at Pharaohs! The only person who takes photos is Lara – these are taken for the website and only members can see them (Your faces and any distinct features, tattoos, accessories etc. will always be blurred out). Anybody found with a camera or cellphone on their person will be requested to leave the property immediately.
The photos and information you send to us upon requesting to sign up and visit an event for the first time, are also only viewed by Lara and kept highly confidential. The purpose of these photos and requested information is so that we can verify that you are who you say you are when you arrive at our door. We only allow verified people who have booked to join us for a party. We will not admit anybody that you bring along with you if they are not on the booking list for the reason of privacy and exclusivity. We do not allow random walk-ins.
Drugs are strictly prohibited at our parties and should you be found to have any on your person, you will be requested to leave the property immediately.
The venues are non-smoking environments with designated smoking areas available. Please ensure that you use these designated areas for smoking.
Dress code is formal, with face masks. Men in black formal pants and collar shirt, jacket and tie are optional but recommended. Women in cocktail dresses or sexy lingerie. Men and women can also dress according to the relevant theme of the given event.