Who We Are

Pharaohs was created by a woman for women and their partners. For 18 years it was a Private Club where open-minded people could live out their sexual fantasies and make most dreams come true, in a consenting, classy environment.

As of 2018, Pharaohs has evolved from a fixed venue normal club into Lara’s Soiree’-  a whole new level of sexual experience, a monthly RSVP only event at different secret venues. Lara’s Soirée is a creative, sexual and sensual theatrical experience to entice your senses and engage your imagination. A wonderful experience for the curious, beginners and the advanced. Lara’s Soirée is a safe space to let yourself go without judgement.

The lifestyle rules from Pharaohs still apply: No means NO at all times- ask before you touch; honestly and clearly discuss rules and boundaries with your partner before you two attend a party; take good care of your hygiene and dress to impress; if there is anything you are unsure about ask Lara or one of the party hosts and Above all respect privacy- what happens at the Soiree stays at the Soiree.

Right of admission reserved- to be added to the invite list you must first apply via email info@pharaohs.co.za

Please note that being a member on the site does not automatically make you a member of the club.

Please read the rules before you contact us.

If you are serious about visiting us: Please send us a Face picture of yourself without sunglasses, cell phone number, contact details, tell us a bit about yourself and why you want to be a member. No picture, no entry!